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February 9, 2024

Carolina Handling increases brand awareness, finds sales recruiting success

Material handling, warehouse operations and other logistics services are crucial components to today’s supply chain. And for almost 60 years, Carolina Handling has provided the equipment, expertise and service that help customers across the Southeast move more material faster and at lower costs. 

Since its founding in 1966, the key to Carolina Handling’s success has been its people. But despite the essential nature of the industry, companies in logistics and other manufacturing-related industries can have difficulty recruiting sales professionals.

“A lot of hype in the sales world is in SaaS, startups and tech with unattainable OTE’s and unproven market presence,” says Carolina Handling Sales Manager Scott Smith. “And oftentimes, these traditional or blue-collar, outside territory-based sales roles can go unrecognized.”

Carolina Handling’s strong company culture keeps a solid sales team in place. Now, a strong presence on RepVue is significantly increasing the company’s brand awareness and ability to successfully recruit top-level sales talent in the process. 

Building a world-class brand

Carolina Handling is building a world-class sales organization, with a RepVue score to prove it.

“RepVue is one of the reasons I can go into any sort of sales conference, or talk to any sales individual, and 8 out of 10 times people have seen the name Carolina Handling,” Smith said. “I certainly believe we are a top sales organization and RepVue gives us the platform to show others just how good we are.”

Carolina Handling is a top-three organization in five of RepVue’s seven ranking categories, including Culture & Leadership and Incentive Compensation. It currently is the top-ranked organization in Professional Development and Inbound Lead/Opportunity Flow. The company was in the top-three overall sales organizations for all of 2023. And the organization has one of the highest quota attainment percentages on the platform at 81 percent.

“The material handling and industrial automation systems industry is a sleeping giant, with big opportunity and little competition,” Smith said. “Year-over-year growth remains up and to the right through all sorts of market fluctuations. People need goods and we are in the business of moving goods. Prior to RepVue, people within the industry knew who we were with little outside recognition. Since RepVue, our sales organization is recognized with some of the biggest names. It's a pretty cool success story.”

Recruiting top sales talent

Not only has RepVue helped raise awareness of Carolina Handling among sales professionals, it also has helped the company recruit top sales talent.

Carolina Handling has directly recruited 33 percent of its sales hires in 2023 through RepVue. And even indirectly, RepVue played a helpful role.

“A large portion of our hires came directly from RepVue applicants. Thirty percent of the applicants applied directly on RepVue and 90 percent reviewed our RepVue profile prior to the interview process which sets up interview success and forward momentum. RepVue is a part of every single interview conversation,” Smith said.

RepVue scores, along with the additional profile sections that can be customized with details about sales culture and company benefits, make it easy to recruit new reps.

“Having the stats of a sales role posted and shared by peers gives candidates a level of authenticity and insight we can build upon in an interview,” said Smith. “This is how job searching should be done.”

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